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Solecitos Spanish

Our Solecitos Spanish program introduces little learners to Spanish language by using hands-on activities, games, and songs to develop their vocabulary. This class is a 6-week program, offered twice a week to give children more than one day of exposure and practice utilizing the language amongst peers. Every 6-week unit covers thematic vocabulary at a beginner’s level. If you would like your preschooler to be exposed to a new language, sign them up for Solecitos!

  • Age Group: 3 to 5 year olds
  • Class Size: 5 children in one class
  • Class Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays

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Skills Children Will Develop



Our Solecitos Spanish class enhances social skills because it encompasses interaction and dialogues.


As the children in our Solecitos class practice with fellow learners, their self-confidence levels will be boosted through interactive activities.


Studies show that learning multiple languages increase memory and enhance the brain’s overall cognitive development.
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